How We Work

We are a local family run business with a true passion for animals, offering a high quality service for all your pet care needs, whether it's taking your dog for an energising walk, popping in to feed your cats, pet sitting your kitten or checking up on the chickens!

With dog walking we like to get an in-depth picture of your pet, ideally arranging an initial meet with you and your dog together. This gives you an opportunity to meet us, ask any questions you may have and for us to find out a little more about your dog, their temperament, are they better suited to group or one on one walks etc.

We also take in to consideration dog breeds, some are not as compatible to mix with others so we like to get a good balance within any dog walking pack to ensure the most fun will be had by all.

If you you would like a quick chat to discuss your needs and see if we can help then give us a call today, we are here to help.

What my customers say:

I have 4 cats, 2 boys Wizz and Dash and 2 girls Squeak and Mia, all with VERY different personalities. Mia is very selective about when she wants her attention while Squeak is very needy, follows you from room to room getting under your feet and erm Squeaking! hence her name. The boys are far more laid back than the girls. Wizz is so laid back, he is pretty much always horizontal but is a big softy that loves his cuddles. Dash is the boss of the house, loves his cuddles but can be quite jealous, he wants your undivided attention! When it comes to going away I like to make sure I have a cat sitter that understands all their different ways and the attention or space they each require. My cats are my babies and could only leave them in the care of someone I trust implicitly. Animal Ark have my total trust and gratitude for their service; they have patients and really care about the animals they look after. Great stuff! E Sharp

Every pet is unique. So is our service.

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